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(69 BC - 30 BC)

    Cleopatra had been regarded as the goddess of beauty for ages. Actually, Cleopatra was the title with which the princesses were addressed in ancient Egypt. Yes, it was Cleopatra, The queen of Egypt, Daughter of the Sun, Lady of the Nile, and the Woman of charming beauty.

    Cleopatra was the eldest child of King Ptolemy, and thus was heir to the throne. She was a highly talented woman of great wit and learning and could discuss poetry, painting, religion as well as philosophy. Her personality was a strange mixture of many qualities. She was charming, clever, affectionate, generous, ambitious, but cruel also. She fought against her destiny with the weapons of her bewitching beauty and wit. But the story of her life ended in tragedy.

    Cleopatra succeeded as queen sharing the throne with her brother. But her brother drove Cleopatra out of Egypt; Caesar came to Egypt, after the defeat of Pompey and found that the civil war was still going on.

    Cleopatra was trying to come back to Egypt and so she came rolled up in a carpet in Caesar's presence so that she could appeal to him for help to get her throne back. Caesar was bewitched by her beauty and decided to get her as his companion with whom he could share the empire. He found in her all the qualities of a perfect woman.

    At that time, Caesar was fifty-two years old. He restored the throne to Cleopatra and married her. After that Cleopatra persuaded him to kill her brother, a rival to the throne. Her brother was drowned and she became the sovereign ruler of Egypt. A son was born to them.

    Later on, Cleopatra and Caesar became on open threat to the Republic of Rome. Caesar was assassinated and Cleopatra's life was in danger. Cleopatra made relations with Antony, a friend of Caesar. But Antony committed suicide. When Cleopatra heard of this news, she also got a snake bite herself and died.

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