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Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus was an explorer who discovered America. He sailed westward and landed up in an altogether new continent. He was destined to open up a new world.

    Columbus was the son of a weaver of Genona. He used to help his father in his shop near the harbor, where ships used to go and come regularly. Sailing inspired him and he loved to talk to the sailors. He listened to the sailor's tales of distant lands. The blue waters of ocean seemed to call him and he listened to his heart's desire to become a sailor. While sitting at his loom, his mind weaved schemes for exploring what lay beyond the western horizon.

    Later on, he married a rich lady which enabled him to mix with important people. Now he began to think of carrying out his idea of sailing to the west in order to reach the east, safely and easily. He needed a great deal of money to get ships and arrange the voyage. So he went to the King of Portugal for help. The king decided not to risk money on such a strange scheme. Poor Columbus was disappointed, but he did not give up the idea. At last the Queen of Spain helped him. Columbus sailed from Palos harbor with 87 crew men. They sailed and sailed and crew men began to worry.

    Finally, they saw a moving light at night. They thought that they had reached India, but it was America. His voyage had proved successful and he received a hero's welcome after returning to Spain. People followed him everywhere, but Columbus was not satisfied. He made two more voyages and discovered many new places in the New Continent which later came to be known as the West Indies.

    Columbus was sad, because he thought that he had failed to find the land of gold, which he longed for. But he had earned the lasting fame as discoverer of the New World, the American Continent.

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