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Queen Victoria
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Robert Clive
Saddam Hussein
Sakuntala Devi
Sigmund Freud
Simon Bolivar
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Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens was the greatest novelist of his time, who enriched literary fiction world. His novels are marked by exquisite plots with wonderful characters, which fascinate readers. His novels portray beautifully the life of the poor and the unprivileged sections of society.

    Charles Dickens was born in England in 1812. He belonged to a poor family and his childhood was full of financial difficulties. He had to leave school to work in a small shoe polish factory. He grew up and worked for a brief period of time in a law office, reading and learning shorthand in his spare time.

    He later becomes a parliamentary reporter, enjoying his work fully. It was here that he learnt writing factual as well as imaginary incidents.

    A turning point came in his life when he wrote a series of articles in a magazine under the title Pickwick papers. This earned him name and fame. There was no looking back. His novels portray the life of different classes of society but particularly the life of the poor and the underprivileged. His novels are equally popular in all sections of society.

    He worked in many places but all his jobs were related to writing. Once he worked as a reporter for the Morning Chronicle in which he covered elections. With the success of Pickwick Papers, Dickens settled down to the life of a writer and each new book added to his reputation.

    Dickens was the foremost English novelist of his time. Some of the best known fictional works of Dickens are Pickwick Papers, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities. Some of his novels carry autobiographical touch. In Oliver Twist, Oliver's character was his own image. His novels reached all kinds and classes of people.

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