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Charles Darwin

    Charles Robert Darwin was a naturalist, who proposed the 'Theory of Evolution' of the living world. He put forward the theory based on natural selection and the survival of the fittest.

Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin was born in 1809 in England. He belonged to a well-educated family. His father was a doctor. But Charles was interested in natural history and geology and pursued his studies on that line. At the tender age of twenty two and fresh from Cambridge Darwin set out for exploration on the uninhabited Galapagos Islands in South America. It presented a fertile ground for study to the inquisitive mind of Darwin.

    Charles Darwin was extremely delighted as he explored those islands, as it presented a living museum of the past geological times. He found there a variety of species from the animal kingdom, which inspired his keen mind. This spectrum of variety of animals was the inspiring event in the life of Darwin. He never engaged himself anywhere else other than long voyages and got an opportunity to sail around the world in a ship. During this period, he studied different living species in different regions and tried to establish the theory of evolution.

    After working for twenty years with patience, Darwin refused to take anything on face value. His curious mind sought an explanation to everything which he saw and found. He decided to make his work public. In 1859, he published his famous book, Origin of Species. Darwin proved that man, like other animals, had evolved from the same prehistoric ancestors, over millions of years. Further, he spent more years to defend his theory and further research. He also wrote 'Descent of Man' and 'The Preservation of Favored Races' based on his own keen observation. Charles Darwin died in 1882, leaving behind his great intellectual legacy.

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