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(Around 300 B.C)

    Chanakya was a great Indian diplomat. He is famous in Indian history for his political shrewdness, which helped in the establishment of the mighty Mauryan Empire.


    Chanakya was born in a poor Brahmin family of Taxila in India. His real name was Vishnugupta. He was educated at Taxila, an international and great educational centre in those times. He was scholar of politics, economics and diplomacy. From his childhood, he was clever and shrewd. Chanakya believed in simple living and high thinking. He lived in a hut near the royal Mauryan palace.

    There is a famous legend about Chanakya that he was once invited to the court of the Nanda rulers of Magadha, where he was insulted. His self-esteem was hurt and her vowed to bring down the Nanda dynasty. Chanakya succeeded in establishing a new Mauryan dynasty in Magadha with the help of brave and capable general, Chandragupta. Later on, Chanakya served as a friend and guide to Chandragupta Maurya in the administration of the empire.

    Chanakya was the author of the book 'Arthshastra', the classical Indian treatise on statecraft. In the book, Chanakya wrote about rules of governance and administration. Chanakya is also known as Kautilya because of his 'Kut-Niti' or diplomacy. A famous Sanskrit play, 'Mudra Rakshasa' has as its theme one of the diplomatic feats of Chanakya.

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