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    Bruce Lee was the world famous exponent of martial arts. He gave birth to a new self-defense system by mixing the salient points of two defense systems. He made a deep study of the prevalent martial arts and formulated a new defense style.

Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee was born in a Chinese family settled in America. His father Lee Hoi was an opera artist who inspired him to become an artist. He was educated in Hong Kong and married an American named Ling. He inherited his father's qualities and proved himself to be a master of arts, whether the martial art of Kung Fu or the art of acting in films.

    Bruce lee acted in a film 'Enter the Dragon' and the film proved to be a hit on the box office. He became a highly paid actor in Hollywood. The second part of the film 'Return of the Dragon' was also a hit on the box office. Bruce Lee starred in films like 'The Big Boss' and 'Game of Death' and became a craze in the field of advertising of clothes, shoes and toilet goods.

    Bruce Lee was well-versed in Judo, Karate and Boxing as well. The young people became crazy about him and wanted to be a hero like Bruce Lee. He dedicated his life for martial arts and films. He trained many young men in Kung Fu, the Chinese martial arts of defense.

    He invented his new system of defense, which came to be known as Jean Kune Do. He trained many people in this art also. Living a legendary life, he died in 1973. Hong Kong marked Kung Fu movie legend Bruce Lee's birthday in November with a two-meter long bronze statue.

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