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Jiang Nanchun
Founder, Chairman & CEO (2003-2008), Focus Media

     Described as charismatic and visionary by colleagues, Jiang is the founder and former CEO of Focus Meida, the biggest digital signage company in China. He is one of China's richest IT entrepreneurs.

    Born in Shanghai, China, in 1973. Jiang graduated from Huadong Normal University with a bachelor's degree in Chinese language and literature.

Jiang Nanchun

  In 2003, "Jason" Jiang joined Aiqi Advertising and transformed it into Focus Media, providing outdoor advertising on LCD displays. As chairman and CEO, Jiang designed the first LCD device himself and secured six-month trials on 50 buildings in Shanghai. He sold slots to major firms including Hennessy, FUJIFILM, TAG Heuer and China Netcom, and then secured $500,000 of funding from Softbank China Venture Capital, which in turn attracted a further $4.2 million in Venture Capital. This enabled Jiang to target buildings in Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou as well as installing screens in supermarkets and airport shuttle buses.

    By late 2005, the company had 35,000 LCD screens in 52 major cities. A successful initial public offering in 2005 enabled Jiang to acquire rivals Frame Media and Target Media. Excellent results in 2007 were followed by a disappointing year in 2008, and Jiang was replaced by Tan Zhi, who in late 2008 oversaw a $1 billion M&A deal with online media company Sina Corp.

    Acquiring Allyes Information Technology Company in 2007, allowing Focus Media to enter the world of internet advertising.


    Learn to delegate - although Jiang built the business from scratch, he handed over the day-to-day running of Focus Media in the interest of good management.