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Bill Gates
(Born 1955)

    Bill Gates is the acclaimed genius of our times. He dominated the hi-tech computer world being the owner of the Microsoft Corporation. He has the tremendous ability to transform technical vision into market strategy.

    Bill Gates was born at Seattle in Washington in 1955. His father was a lawyer and mother a strong-willed lady. But Bill was a shy boy who preferred to live alone from his childhood. He used to study alone and would spend hours in his thinking process. Even as a boy, Bill's interests were different from others in the sense that he often spent time thinking about the magic and pattern of numbers.

    Bill Gates kept on thinking and indulged in thought process regarding numbers but could not make out what to be in future. At the age of 12, he came in contact with the world of computers at his small school. He was excited to see a teletype computer terminal. The sight of computer was the inspiring event of this young mind and he made his goal to dominate the world of computers as he didn't like anything more than numbers.

    Gates developed friendship with Paul Allen and both picked up computer language from a manual. While studying in 8th standard, Bill had to his credit two programs of games which led him to the final aim of world domination.

    He worked hard with passion for computers and he was rewarded. He became more confident when he was placed in the top 10 of the US aptitude test exam for mental ability. In 1975, while attending Harvard, Bill Gates teamed with Allan to develop BASIC computer programming. This led to the formation of Microsoft in New Mexico and there he worked full time, pursuing his vision of a computer on every desk and in every home. Microsoft has a sprawling campus of many buildings where dedicated and intelligent employees work day and night to fulfill the dream of Bill Gates.

    In 1994, Gates married Melinda French, who also worked for the Microsoft Company. Like Bill Gates, Melinda Gates is also intelligent as well as benevolent. The Gates have given millions of dollars to India for awareness, prevention and care of AIDS patients. The donated 15 million dollars for a new computer centre at Harvard University. The future of computer is looking bright with great desire of Bill Gates to attain new heights with his vision.

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