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Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was the wisest statesman, a great scientist and a proved philosopher of his time. All his activities, writings and inventions were directed to the benefit of mankind. Benjamin conducted a lot of scientific experiments and invented many things which helped in the progress of human being.

    Benjamin Franklin was born at Boston in America in 1706. His father was a businessman. From his childhood, he had always been fond of books and reading. When he grew up, he set up a printer with partner. He worked hard and made a success of it. By this time, Franklin was regarded as a good writer. He printed and published his own newspaper, the Pennsylvanian Gazette. Then he published 'Poor Richard's Almanac', as astrological annual calendar for the first time. It became the bestseller. He had laid the foundations of his fortune. This was the inspiring event in the life of young Franklin. He was regarded as a good writer and philosopher.

    'Poor Richard's Almanac' gave to Franklin riches and success. Franklin became a world famous figure as scientist, philosopher and statesman. In 1744, Franklin established a philosophical society. Not only this, Franklin's next work was to find an academy, which in his own lifetime became the University of Philadelphia. Two years later, Franklin assisted his friend Dr. Bond to establish a hospital in America. In 1752, he conducted an experiment with kite to know about the electric power produced by clouds, which helped in generation of electricity.

    Thus, Franklin is credited with the invention of stove heater, bi-focal lenses, etc. Franklin made a significant contribution to the manifesto of declaration of the US independence. he also drafted US constitution and wrote biographies of American writers. Then he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society. This human genius died in 1790.

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