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    Anne Besant was an Indian patriot of foreign origin, who created a niche for herself in Indian History for her humanitarian values. She was among those brave women, who favored total freedom as well as development of the country.

    Anne Besant founded Home-rule League and also established Boy Scouts Association and received a prestigious award for her achievements. She lived for India with noble feelings for everyone in the world.

    Anne Besant was born in London in 1847. Her parents were of Irish origin and brought her up with care, helping her develop her own identity. She grew up, greatly influenced by Indian culture and civilization and left for India. In India, Anne Besant studied Hindu religion and philosophy. She became a social worker, educationist and reformer.

    In 1914, Anne Besant participated actively in political activities. She was in favour of granting full freedom to India and contributed hugely to Indian independence movement. Anne Besant also established the Theosophical Society of India. She also worked as a journalist and edited the journal, 'New-India'. She presided over the Calcutta Session of the Congress in 1915 and became its first woman President in 1917.

    Her contribution to India's freedom struggle is praiseworthy and India will always be grateful to her for her contribution towards social, educational and national causes.

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