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Alexander the Great
(356-323 B.C)

    Alexander was a great warrior, and king. He was the king of Macedonia and dreamt to be the emperor of the world.

    His father was Philip, king of Macedonia and mother was a descendant of Hercules. His parents appointed the best tutors to teach him. Thus he becomes a voracious reader of books and a dreamer. His mother had always assured him that he was not like others, but a child of the Gods.

    He became brave and successfully managed an unmanageable horse, which could not be humbled by his elders. His father cried with joy and said, "Seek another kingdom, my son, as Macedonia is too small for you." He was a disciple of Aristotle and learnt moral and political knowledge from him.

    Alexander had a thirst for knowledge and read extensively on various topics. He married his lady love Roxane. But later on he also made Statira his wife. Before marriage he had relations with Barsine, a lady with royal lineage. He spent time in hunting, reading and writing.

    He won many territories and annexed them to his kingdom. He won battle after battle and then turned to Asia. When Alexander was about to set out for India, he found his troops laden with spoils, which made them unfit to march. In his fight against King Porus, Alexander defeated him. But impressed by Porus's boldness and bravery, Alexander returned back his dominions. Alexander died at the age of thirty-two.

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