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    Alexander Graham Bell ushered a new era and reduced the distance in the world by inventing telephone. In fact, telephone revolutionized human life and brought the distant world closer.

    Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh in 1847. He went to school with the inherited talent of his father, who was a famous teacher. Later, Graham went to London and Germany to study, where he took the degree of Ph.D. Even as a child, he had an inventive bent on mind. Later, he became a teacher for deaf children. Due to a severe illness, Graham Bell was sent to Canada by his father. Two years later, he was at Boston, where he set up a school for training teachers of the deaf. He also gave instructions on ht mechanics of speech.

    He fell in love with a deaf girl, Mabel Hubbard, while he was experimenting on a machine which he believed would make the deaf and dumb hear. Mabel later became his wife and proved to be an inspiration to this genius inventor.

    Bell was committed to construct 'hear for the deaf', a harmonic telegraph. He turned his attention to the transmission of speech by electricity. In 1873, Graham Bell became a professor of Vocal Physiology at Boston University. Bell and his assistant, Watson were ever engaged in making some machines in his spare time.

    At Boston, Bell tried to communicate through a metal wife after a long research. Both of them continued experimenting with hearing instrument. One afternoon, in 1870, Bell spoke to Watson, standing at a distance, "Mr. Watson, come here please, I want you." Watson flung down the receiver. He was taken by pleasant surprise. The telephone had been invented. Thus Alexander Graham Bell made our world, a smaller place.

    In 1922, he died and Americans paid him a tribute by hanging up their telephones for a while during his funeral.

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