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    Alexander Fleming was the discoverer of penicillin, the medicine which kills bacteria. The discovery of penicillin has revolutionized the treatment of diseases, caused due to bacteria. Penicillin and the whole group of antibiotics enabled surgeons to perform operations and life expectancy increased. Due to this medicine, today, the whole structure of society is altering.

    Alexander Fleming was born in 1881 in Scotland. He showed deep interest in sports. He liked swimming, hunting, football and climbing trees etc. After passing school, Alexander chose to study medicine. There he met Almroh Wright, a great bacteriologist, who invited him to his laboratory. He accepted the invitation and worked there. Later on, he joined as a lieutenant in the Medical Research Centre in France.

    At that time, the First World War broke out and Fleming found many wounded men whose condition had deteriorated because of bacteria festering in their wounds. He felt deep sorrow for this and this sorrow feeling was the inspiring event in Alexander's life. He started thinking for the remedy.

    Fleming kept on researching for a medicine which could kill bacteria in human body. The value of this discovery had become clear to him. At last, he succeeded in discovering penicillin, the wonder drug. He could now save thousands of dying soldiers, sailors and airmen. Honor showered down on shy and sensitive Alexander Fleming.

    Alexander was awarded the highest civilian award of the world, the Noble Prize for Medicine. He devoted his entire life to his research. Alexander Fleming died in 1955 of an illness called coronary thrombosis, which his drug was unable to control.

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