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    Alexandre Dumas was a great creator of novels. With 'Three Musketeers' he established himself as a novelist in 1844. He wrote it in eight volumes. Alexandre Dumas became famous as 'Dumas And Company', the manufacturer of novels.

    Alexandre Dumas was born in 1802 in France. His father was commander-in-chief of the Western Pyrenees, but died as a poor and broken man at the age of forty-four, when Alexandre was four years old. Dumas showed the qualities of his father in his intelligence and romantic spirit. Dumas had niche for reading and he had read the Bible, Robinson Crusoe, Arabian Nights and a number of mythological books at the age of six.

Dumas also loved to spend his time outdoors in hunting and roaming in the woods. In his later youth, Dumas supplemented the meager income of his mother as a lawyer's messenger. As inspiring event came in his life when Dumas became a friend of Adolphe, as aspiring play write. Dumas also resolved to seek his fortune as a play write.

    When Alexandre Dumas was twenty years old, he had written three plays, but his plays were rejected. Dumas did not lose his heart. He became a friend of a talented critic of literature and theatre. Dumas's heart was burning to write something new to succeed. At the age of twenty-seven, he wrote his play 'Henry III' and it was a success. There was no looking back and his another play 'Anthony' was an overwhelming success which brought him fame and money after long years of struggle in life.

    Alexandre Dumas was of romantic nature and besides his wife, he had love affair with many women. Dumas wrote some historical books and travel accounts. He earned fortune but he died as a poor man.'

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