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Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein was the greatest scientist of the world, who gave the revolutionary 'Theory of Relativity'. His scientific discoveries enabled him to give some new theories regarding space, time and gravitation.

Albert Einstein

    Einstein said that all things had relative relationship and none could be understood or explained without reference to others. He also proved that matter and energy are the two forms of the same things which also meant that a small amount of matter could produce tremendous amount of energy. Thus Atom Bomb was made.

    Albert Einstein was born in 1879 in Germany. He was sent to school and was considered almost dull and lazy there. But teachers could not notice the thinking process of his mind. Young Einstein asked a lot of questions that annoyed teachers. In fact he wanted to reach the root of fact and knew much more than was taught. After graduation in engineering, he wanted to be a teacher in the same institute, where he had studied. But he got a job of technical assistant in the Swiss patent office and married his girl friend.

    Albert was not satisfied with his job only, so he was quietly doing hard work and writing down his theories that shook the whole foundation of the science. At the age of 26 years in 1905, he started publishing his papers in the scientific journals and got his PhD from Zurich University. His scientific theories were given recognition by the Royal Society of London. In 1921, he went to the US and was honored with the Noble Prize in Physics.

    In 1933, Einstein settled in America and worked for Navy. He was a shy person, ever willing to smile and joke. He used to play violin beautifully, whenever he wanted to relax. He also took up the cause of world peace. He died in Princeton (USA) in 1955, at the age of 76.

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