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Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler was the greatest dictator and tyrant of the twentieth century. Hitler's era was an era of racism and hatred that corroded the foundation of civilization. After World War I, Germany had become a weak, defeated and humiliated country, but within years of Hitler coming to power, Germany became the strongest power of Europe.

    Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. Hitler was a poor student and left his school education at the age of sixteen. He used to earn his living by painting picture postcards and developed a passion of politics. Hitler joined the army and fought bravely during the First World War.

    Hitler soon became acquainted with power for the first time. An ambitious person, he developed lust for more power. Hitler joined the German Worker's Party which he renamed ad Nazi Party. He hatched a conspiracy to get himself appointed as Chancellor of Germany and soon became a dictator.

    Hitler recaptured Rhineland from France in 1936. In 1938, German forces occupied Vienna in a dramatic manner. His success was mainly due to powerful feelings and his oratory power. He evoked hectic frenzy in audience. He used to invoke mass hysteria in the midst of thumping beat of dreams, and provocative slogans which presented the most conducive environment for achieving his goals. He united Austria with Germany forcibly and captured Czechoslovakia.

    In a maniac way, German forces attacked Poland and World War II started. Hitler plunged the whole world into the most devastating war of history. He also attacked Soviet Russia in 1941, but met with strong resistance. Russian forces drove back German armies to Berlin. When egoistic Hitler realized that German had collapsed and Berlin was in Russian hands, he committed suicide.

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