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    Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America. He is considered the greatest president. Lincoln was a friend of the downtrodden and lover of liberty. Lincoln was a child of poor parents. He was the emancipator of slaves. In his opinion, the slaves were the victims of an ailing institution of slavery. It was Lincoln's mission to free the black men from the slavery of the body and the white men form the slavery of the soul.

    Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 in a poor and uneducated family at Kentucky in the USA. His early life was full of hardships. He could not study much for lack of means. He became a store clerk and later studied law. Then he started legal practice. He had decided that he would use his talents for the good of the masses. He had been in various positions like field hand, storekeeper, wood chopper, butcher boy, tanner, and surveyor and lastly the highest political position of the country, i.e, President.

    He lost the woman he loved and married the woman, who was more interested in his fame than in his happiness. In business, he failed and was defeated when he ran for the United States senate. But he had learnt to deal with his sorrow like a brave man. There is an interesting anecode about him. A farmer's wife once made a fun of him for his laziness, "What's going to become of you, Abe?" He answered, "Me? I'm going to be the president of the United States?" Of course, this comment was made in a light mood, but it worked.

    Lincoln came to the office of the President of the USA at a very critical time. The country was divided over the question of abolition of slavery. The southern states of America wanted to retain slavery, while the northern states were in support of the abolition of slavery. Thus America was forced into a Civil War that lasted for four years. At the end, the country remained united and the slavery system was abolished. This success is attributed to Lincoln. Lincoln was assassinated at the age of fifty seven years.

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